DAVID EUCHARIST: The Eucharist transforms us into one Body and Blood, Soul, Humanity and Divinity forever with God

The Eucharist transforms us into one Body and Blood, Soul, Humanity and Divinity forever with God


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The Eucharist really deifies us because, when we participate of the Holy Communion, we are fully submerged into the Divinity of Jesus Christ that He shares with us. But, if many of us participate of the Eucharist, then we all are being united by means of God, and we are being merged as one Body and Blood, Soul, Humanity and Divinity by effect of our union with Him. Please, listen this message or, if you prefer reading, the transcription is available below:

The Eucharist transforms us into one Body and Blood, Soul, Humanity and Divinity forever with God

The Eucharist is the Body and Blood, the Soul, Humanity and Divinity of Jesus Christ.

When you receive Him in the Holy Communion, that Body enters you and merges with you and you with It, so that, that Body becomes your Body, that Blood is your Blood. Therefore, you might say, in that moments, that “The Eucharist is my Body, is my Blood, is my Soul, is my Humanity and my Divinity”; not really mine, because I have received It from Him; but, in that moment, It is mine because that has been his Will and He has given it to me so that I could own It. If I do this, and you do this too, and another person does the same, in distant places one from another, then all of us are experiencing the same transformation, the same deification. Not only me, but you and him, and every person that participates, all of us become his Body and his Blood, his Soul, his Humanity, his Divinity.

So that we all become united through one Body, one Blood, one Soul, one Humanity and one Divinity, wherever we are and whoever we are; we got to be unified in Him, transfigured in Him. If you notice, the immediate effect of partaking of the Eucharist is that you are transformed in what you receive, in Host like Him, in Eucharist like Him. Therefore, the purpose and effect of the Eucharistic Communion is to be transformed into Eucharist ourselves, is to become Eucharist we ourselves and to unify us all as one Eucharist. That is the proof of that the Eucharist is really the sacrament which Jesus Christ instituted for unification of the whole universal Church, so that all of us may become one with Him and through Him.

Well, if you now read John 17, verses 21 to 24, that is exactly what He said and asked for. There He made three requests or three promises. First, that we all might be one with Him and through Him, by means of Him; and He is in Heaven, yes, but He is also in the Eucharist; consequently, if He is the means of unification, then the Eucharist is the means which He instituted to unify us. The second will or promise was this: that wherever He dwells we will be able to dwell with Him. And He dwells in Heaven, but also into the Eucharist; so, the presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist is, somehow, our Place, our Dwelling, our Receptacle, our Home promised or wished or waited for, or that He has prepared for us in order to live with Him, which is exactly what He also promised in John 14, verses 2 to 3: that He had prepared rooms for us, so that wherever He is we may also be with Him. And the third promise or request of John 17, 21 to 24, consists in that He invites us to see or to contemplate his Glory. What for? He does not want us to see his Glory in order to cause in us a kind of envy at seeing how well He is. If He lets us to uncover his Glory -and the Eucharist is the Throne of his Glory-, it is because He wants us to live and to experience his own Glory. That is why He promises us to dwell with Him wherever He is, because what He wants is that we may partake of his own Glory, his own Dignity and his same Dignity, and his Eucharistic Glory that God the Father has granted Him.

As a result, our destiny is to abide in Him, to live within Him, into his own Glory, to partake of his own Glory. It does not mean, neither that we are trying to compete with Him nor that we are going to become a kind of rivals for Him, nor that we are taking away from Him even a little piece from his Honor or his Place, nothing at all; but it is He who has prepared for us that very glorious and precious dwelling beside Him. When some disciples, or rather the mother of the disciples, asked Jesus about how they could achieve to sit one at his right Hand and one at his left, He did not deny it to them, He didn't answer that it was impossible for them to achieve that. What He said, however, is that the sites at his right or his left Hand would be for whom God the Father would decide. But, at the same time, He confirmed that our destiny is to stand by Him and beside Him. And, the Eucharist, is the Place and the Fulfilment of these promises and where we have got reserved rooms to supernaturally live with Him.

Then, the Eucharist is the supernatural, divine, miraculous, wonderful, incomprehensible, superhuman and undisputed Bridge, that unites us to all souls beyond time and space. All souls that receive the Holy Communion become united in Him and with Him, as one Soul. Just as many leaves, being different from each other, millions of leaves, are unified in a single tree, and they share the same sap and nature. So, we, who are millions, different and far away one from another, are also united by the branches of this supernatural, invisible but real Tree, which is Jesus Christ, that is unifying all of us as one Body, one Soul, one Humanity and one Divinity forever with Him.

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