DAVID EUCHARIST: Legal notice about intellectual property rights, license for sharing, privacy and cookies policy, etc.

Legal notice about intellectual property rights, license for sharing, privacy and cookies policy, etc.


Version 2.0 of the legal notice concerning the rights of intellectual property, license for sharing, privacy and cookies policy, etc., corresponding to the publications contained on the website www.davideucaristia.com, davideucaristia.blogspot.com, davideucharist.blogspot.com and another web pages services under the same byline and profile content. Date of publication of this release: February 8, 2015.

1. Justification

Friendly visitor, first of all I thank you for visiting this website and for your interest in its contents. My greatest wish is to put this knowledge available to you and to all humanity if I could, for free and without limits. I have every confidence in you and in most people who visit these pages. However, just as in the world there are people who appropriate of possesions of others showing no respect, it occurs equally on Internet: they copy entire articles without mentioning the author, sometimes explicitly or implicitly presenting it as their own ideas, they also take images created by us and cut the authors' mark and then use them as their own, etc. The only defense that the authors have against that possibility are the laws of intellectual property protection, and by watermarking our productions, when possible, and demanding that the source and author have to be always mentioned. It's why I make this notice, to prevent that possibility. Thank you very much for your visit, and I hope it will be of great spiritual benefit this or other web sites by the same author.

2. Author and contact

The author, a Spanish resident and citizen, signing under the pseudonym David Eucharist, will identify himself by the email davideucaristia@yahoo.es in order to reclaim rights or for communication. If for some reason you need to make wider use of these publications, then you will need to request prior authorization from the author by obtaining a favorable response via e-mail. When you need to reference the author and source, it should be made in the form: "Author: David Eucharist, davideucaristia@yahoo.es; source: www.davideucaristia.com").

3. Websites that host the contents subjected to this legal protection

The contents referred to in this legal notice are published or may be published primarily in any of the following websites:

3.1. Main contents hosting sites
  • Blogs: www.davideucaristia.com, davideucaristia.blogspot.com, eng.davideucaristia.com, davideucharist.blogspot.com, unioneucaristica.blogspot.com, eucharisticunion.blogspot.com, aprenderacomulgar.blogspot.com
  • Facebook: facebook.com/dogmacohabitacion,facebook.com/coexistencedogma, facebook.com/verdaderaeucaristiahttps://www.facebook.com/teamoenlaeucaristia, facebook.com/I-love-you-in-the-Eucharist-468909169955794, facebook.com/groups/comulgamos, facebook.com/groups/matrimonioeucaristico, facebook.com/matrimonioeucaristico
  • Google & Youtube: plus.google.com/+davideucaristia, plus.google.com/+davideucharist, https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3VVa3R-0N57amJ2ZWJhOU84Qkk, youtube.com/user/davideucaristia, youtube.com/user/davideucharist

3.2. Occasional and partial hosting sites
  • Blogs: davideucaristia.tumblr.com, myspace.com/davideucaristia, davideucaristia.wordpress.com
  • Image: pinterest.com/davideucarista, instagram.com/davideucaristia, www.flickr.com/photos/davideucaristia
  • Video: vimeo.com/davideucaristia, www.dailymotion.com/davideucaristia
  • Text, image, video: gloria.tv/user/UictnFfAjqo, twitter.com/davideucaristia
  • Audio: davideucaristia.ivoox.com, soundcloud.com/davideucaristia

4. Contents under legal protection

4.1. All the texts (except transcripts of Bible verses and other texts whose source is explicitly mentioned) are original creation of the author (David Eucharist, davideucaristia@yahoo.es, www.davideucaristia.com), and therefore they are protected by the intellectual property laws of Spain, and by the corresponding international agreements related to intellectual property protection.

4.2. The videos of my own creation show the author's reference embedded within it, or well by means of annexed information. These videos are subject to the same conditions of this legal notice, and can not be downloaded or reposted or modified, nor can be removed nor altered the author's mark or reference, and only should be used in accordance to what is said in section 5 of this notice. However sometimes, when allowed and for purely educational purposes and to exemplify, we embeb some videos posted on websites of third parties (without neither downloading nor republishing, but means of the embebing scripts provided by them); in that case, the name of the author or publisher or the source from which they are obtained are attached; but I don't know the possible legality or illegality of its publication by third parties: the legal responsibility for them corresponds to their authors, publishers or owners.

4.3. The audios are audio versions of some of the texts published, and are subject to the same copyright of the texts. When third-party audio, are copyrighted by their respective owners, which are cited as the source.

4.4. The images, most are self-authored and are identified with the author's signature and therefore are subject to copyright. Some others, however, are owned by third parties and its author or source is mentioned whenever possible (sometimes the author is unknown). Some few images have been created with fragments of other images widespread online over Internet and that, in practice, are circulating as if it were in the public domain. In the case of that any of these fragments is of your property and want it removed, please contact us as soon as possible.

5. Permitted uses

It is only allowed the use of these publications under the following means and procedures:

5.1. Using the buttons to share. We need to click the sharing buttons that oftenly appear at the margin of publications. By this method a headline is sent to other websites so that their visitors, by clicking on it, can access to the original publication, his first source, and they will have to necessarily visit the author's page in order to read it. This is the most common and used sharing method, which almost everyone uses to share items and publications on Facebook, Google+, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.

5.2. By the use of references, web addresses or URLs. It means copying the hyperlink that directs to the original content (it is the URL in the form "http: // ..." that appears in the browser bar when we visited a particular page, or that can be obtained within the context menu of the mouse). It has the same result as the system described in paragraph 2.1, only that in this case it is performed manually.

5.3. For personal use only. It is that a particular uses some or all of these items for personal reading and study, with the prerequisite that they are not made public by any means. Under these conditions, you may download, print and store them on your own computer, tablet or phone, etc.

5.4. Special case of priests, parishes, catechists, missionaries, etc. If you are an active member of the Catholic Church, and want to get approval for wider use of these writings, please request and wait until favorable response from the email davideucaristia@yahoo.es

5.5. Special case regarding the message "Learning to live the Holy Communion trully and in its all fullness". This message, and its different formats and versions (video, audio, text) are an exception. All texts published under the title "Learning to live the Holy Communion truly", hosted and available on the web site learningthecommunion.blogspot.com are shared under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License, so you can share or republish it by any means but under de following three conditions: 1) to not share nor publish modifications of the work, 2) to not make direct or indirect commercial use of it, 3) to mention in a visible and significant place the author and source in the form: "Author: David Eucharist, davideucaristia@yahoo.es; source: www.davideucaristia.com". The fact that you make use of this publication does not authorize you to brag about my relationship and partnership with you, or of my support to your use of it. I notify that this work is officially registered in the Registry of Intellectual Property of Spain and, therefore, subject to national and international laws of intelectual property protection. For more information about what this Creative Commons license implies please visit this web site.

6. Prohibitted uses

It is strictly prohibited the use of the referenced works or parts of them by any of the followings means and techniques:

6.1. Republish, copy and paste. It refears to copy all the text that I publish or a substantial part of it, and then paste or copy it elsewhere, on another page or site (including download services), such that the reader or user will no longer need to go directly to the page where it was originally published to access it, but will do it on another page and by other means, third-party owned.

6.2. Inclusion of content via scripts, frames, etc. It refears to directly use the content posted by me in my websites on third-party websites, but not by copying and pasting nor republishing the content elsewhere as described before, but mechanically accesing it with the use of some web desing techniques such as scripts, frames, web programming, etc. By means of this technique, it is not longer necessary to access the source page in order to access the information, but the contents are automatically embedded on a third-party web page or internet service.

6.3. Commercial and for-profit use. Under no circumstances are you allowed to use my publications for profit, whether direct selling as indirect (it is, when they are sought direct benefits of it, or indirect, from advertising). They can not be used for these purposes, neither entire works nor any part of them; neither independently nor including them as part of other products; neither using them in the form of offers nor as prizes added by the purchase of other products.

7. Privacy and cookies policy

This site uses cookies of various types in order to offer you a better service. When you visit this web site acknowledges being fully informed about its use, functions and characteristics, so you give us your explicit and informed consent for use. If you disagree with its use, please do not continue browsing this website or its contents. For more detailed information on the use made of cookies please click here.

8. Update of these terms

This tacit legal agreement between you as a visitor, reader or user, and I as the author and publisher, it is assumed by you for the mere fact of your access to these pages and their contents; when possible you will be remembered about its existence and your duty of keeping informed about it; and you recognize to be already informed and to accept its terms by simply continuing browsing this contents. Because this apostolate is still in a formative stage, these terms may change at any time, please stay tuned reading them each time you visit this site. Thanks for your visit.