DAVID EUCHARIST: Learning to live Catholic Eucharist and Holy Communion in all its fullness (video version)

Learning to live Catholic Eucharist and Holy Communion in all its fullness (video version)


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Living in the Eucharist, in all its fullness, the supernatural union and cohabitation (in proportion to Grace and Purification attained by each one) of all souls in Sanctifying Grace state with Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. Please, consult John 12:26; 14:3; 17:24; and the Official Catechism of the Catholic Church, items 1323, 1326, 1331, 1340 and 1402.

 When we receive Jesus Christ in Communion, we do not only receive Jesus Christ, but also all that is, or that lives in, or that belongs to Jesus Christ; we receive the whole Universal Church of Heaven, Purgatory and Earth; since whereever is the Vine they are also the branches with Him. The Eucharist is the Universal Bridge that cancels forever the barriers of space and of time between all souls, putting them in Communion with each other, and all of them with God.

Catholic Catechism, article 1419: «Having passed from this world to the Father, Christ gives us in the Eucharist the pledge of glory with him. Participation in the Holy Sacrifice identifies us with his Heart, sustains our strength along the pilgrimage of this life, makes us long for eternal life, and unites us even now to the Church in heaven, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and all the saints».

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