DAVID EUCHARIST: We are “Angels” of the Eucharist

We are “Angels” of the Eucharist


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Yes, we really are like "Angels" of the Eucharist, we accompany Jesus in His Eucharistic Presence throughout the wide world. In each Tabernacle, in each Host, in each Chalice where He is; at every Mass and Communion where He is present; always there with Him, spiritually, and through the effect of Sanctifying Grace, by the union with His Holy Spirit. Not us, it is Him himself who attracts us and who unites us spiritually with Him. He calls us as the Pastor calls His "sheep" (cf. Jn 10:27). And we, the souls in communion with Him in the Holy Spirit, hear His voice and go fast to meet Him, wherever our God of Love materializes Himself in the Host.

Jesus had said it already, that when we reach Heaven, we will be like the Angels (cf Mt 22:30). But we have not to wait for Heaven to be like them and to live that angelic agility, the full unity with God, because here and now and through the Eucharist the divine union of the soul with God makes real. For the Eucharist is Heaven in advance (CCC 1323, 1340, 1402).

We are also in the Eucharist because, through It, it is performed the promised and future union with God in Heaven, and it is Jesus Christ himself who wants us to be very closely united with Him whereever He is (in the Eucharist as in Heaven and in Heaven as in the Eucharist): Jn 6:56,12:26,14:3,17:24. It is Him who, as a Magnet of Love, attracts us to Him, to His very presence, as the Shepherd who calls His "flock" and brings it before Him.

So, already here and today, in his Eucharistic Presence, we are already with Him, like the Angels, accompanying and worshiping Him. Even if we are not aware. If we do consciously, through active prayer and active worship of our love and our will towards Him, much better. But if amidst our chores, or even while sleeping, we forget to do it, or simply we can not consciously, then our spirit remains in communion with Him, adoring and loving Him to Eternity. Our spirits, like angels, fly to His presence, and are attracted powerfully similarly to as "iron particles" are attracted by a magnet, irresistibly. Him, our all, that completes our soul of all that craves, and of what it lacks in this earth. He is our Alpha and Omega, He who begins everything and who ends everything, for in Him all begins and all ends in Him.

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