DAVID EUCHARIST: Embellish life to others with Love

Embellish life to others with Love


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The formality, seriousness, righteousness in our faith, is not inconsistent with Grace and Love, with humanity, sensitivity, beauty and spiritual charity. There are many, many small details, that each one from his personal sensibility and creativity can do to make things more human and beautiful. Each one will struggle to find out the gift he received from God, with which he can embellish things a little more to others. Let us not forget that the goal of our faith is Love, the Holy Love, that is born from God. And love means beauty, charity, simplicity, gentleness, kindness, respect, etc.

True and Christian Love is not a concept that every one can conform to his own way of living and thinking. The Love of God was definitely embodied, in a very specific way, accurate and real, in the Holy Eucharist. That's the One True Love and Life, made Flesh and Blood for our salvation; ie, materialized, made visible, made available to us, so that our limited human senses may reach it. That's the only Love that Christians have to live and share. And that love is so big and so full that replaces everything, surpasses everything and covers everything, absolutelly everything. For every love is only a branch of This, and this is the source from which it borns and it flows all the life of the world and the Life of the Church.

From this way of joining each other, by means of the Holy Communion, through the Holy Eucharist, we understand and live this love, and our soul will open to Grace, and to Paradise, and will begin to grow within us new flowers of joy, hope, sweetness. And new fragrances will begin to emerge from our heart, which will become a new, real and continuing Spring of Love.

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