DAVID EUCHARIST: Why it is so important to follow Jesus Christ

Why it is so important to follow Jesus Christ


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Because he who knows Jesus Christ, will know God; he who knows God can know himself; and who knows himself can know his neighbor too. That is, those who do not know Jesus Christ, do not know God; without knowing God does not know who he is himself; and without knowing himself less will be able to know his neighbor. And, who does not know, neither can love nor understand anything. Seeking, knowing and loving Jesus Christ is how we find the key of our existence.

Jesus Christ is not a philosopher nor an ascetic, who painstakingly managed to uncover the truth, no, but He is the Truth, that comes to manifest itself to us. Throughout the history of humanity, there were millions of souls who made the most severe penances and sacrifices traying to find the truth, and from there they emerged the most diverse philosophies, beliefs and religions. And nor all of them together have managed to never reach to it; they all died and death had the final verdict on their lives. But with respect to Jesus, death had not the final word, but Jesus overcame death, a sign that He was not from this world, because everything in this world is banal and is subjected to the law of death. Therefore, Jesus Christ gives us the Way to Eternal Life that is Himself. For He came to bring eternal life to the earth, for that we also may participate of It. And eternal life is given to us in the Eucharist every day, although we treat It so bad, we receive It so bad, with so little patience, with so little charity, with so little devotion, with so little love. We do not know what we do, but the time we had to receive Communion as we should can not be recovered; so let us start as soon as we can, because only through this way we will reach the Truth.

Receiving Communion is the most important, because he who receives and worships Communion enters the Knowledge of Jesus Christ, who knows everything. No one can truly know himself, but through the search and knowledge of Jesus Christ. And no one can know Jesus Christ but by finding the truth about himself through a path of honest introspection and inner purification. And when the soul begins to find himself (the truth in himself), surprisingly what he finds is to Him in himself, his gaze turns towards Him, towards Jesus Christ, and ends by recognizing himself in Him; because discovers that in Jesus Christ is the answer to all questions. That is the convertion that many souls have experienced, when their lives, suddenly and unexplained, turned towards God.

This search of Him requires, necessarily, a progressive transfiguration of ourselves in Him as, the only way to know Him is to transfigure ouselves in Him, so that He can manifest and reveal to Himself to us, and that thus we can know Him. And the way to transfigure ourselves in Him is to follow the same path that He marked. And the path He has left marked for us to follow Him is the Eucharist: by beholding, receiving, loving and worshiping Him in the Eucharist, in order to become transfigured in Eucharist like Him. That is the Way that every Christian should follow, because it is the one He followed —the Eucharist—, and the one He left established for us.

The Eucharist is the direct and infallible path towards knowledge of God and, at the same time, of ourselves in God. It is the Mirror where everyone can look and contemplate himself in Him, of knowing ourselves reflected in Him as if were in crystal waters of a wellspring, seeing ourselves reflected in His Eucharistic gaze, in the gaze with which the Blessed Host looks at us. His Face in the Eucharist is the mirror where we all can look at ourselves for knowing, in turn, our true face human and divine, the one we will receive a day as inheritance of children born in Him, which we are receiving already in advance in every Communion. Our true face that He knows well, even though we do not know it yet, but that one day will be fully disclosed to us. In Jesus Eucharist, we see what we also will be by means of our transformation in Him, the day in which He will communicate to us His Humanity and Divinity beyond measure.

But to find Jesus, and at the same time to find ourselves, we must at first "resign or deny ourselves" in all that we are not, all the false images of ourselves that we have been creating, or that others or the world wants that we be, that are just fakes, false idols that must be put away from us, so that our truth may be revealed. We need to escape from our mundane personality and go to the encounter of what God wish to reveal to us: escape form the false and idolatrous ego, and go to meet our redeemed freedom. The only way to distinguish between all the false images of ourselves and the true one, is by going to Jesus; the Eucharist is the water that goes washing us, that removes the squames from our eyes, for that as another Bartimaeus we can see the true Face of Jesus, and in Him to our Creator, and knowing our Creator we may understand who are we, in respect to us as creatures, and that we may occupy our rightful place in God's family. Then we will be able to understand the love with which God the Father created us, the beautiful destination that He has prepared for us, the mission of our life, why and for what we exist, for what we came to this world. Prior to this moment, we feel as abandoned children who yet do not know who is their father and who is their mother, whose whole life is a continuous search for their roots, and of the reasons why their parents abandoned them. Although in this case God has never left us, but as the Best Father He watches over us, preparing carefully the day of our reunion with Him.

And, from the moment you know Jesus Christ, by knowing Him you will also discover yourself with truth; then, just now, you're ready to know and to love others, because before this you do not know them yet. And only now you will be able to love your neighbor as yourself. And you will can perform with them the True Charity that comes from the knowledge of Jesus Christ, loving them as God loves them, because you have known true Love and are able to share it with others . Only those who know Jesus Christ can know themselves, and only who know themselves can know others. For this it is so important to follow, to love and know Jesus, as He is the Key of our entire existence. Jesus is the salvation of the world, and no one can be saved without Him; but He goes before us all, opening and marking the way, for us to follow, and we may find Eternal Life, the knowledge of God, the knowledge of ourselves in Him, and the knowledge of our neighbor.

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