DAVID EUCHARIST: The Most Sacred Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Christ as Intercessory Eucharistic Victim before the Divine Justice

The Most Sacred Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Christ as Intercessory Eucharistic Victim before the Divine Justice


At all Masses and Consecrated Hosts all over the world, the Most Sacred Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Christ, remains in a Intercessory Eucharistic Victim status before the Divine Justice, in reparation for all the sins of the world.

The following image is an artistic and free representation of the supernatural vision that a Mexican nun had in 1932 about the Holy Eucharist:

(This image is a free and generous service to the faith. No copyright claim is made as it was created using fragments from other images collected on internet that could be copyrighted but we do not know and beforehand we respect  every claimed copyright over them. If you own legal rights over any graphic fragment used to create this image please contact me to solve it).

This scene was revealed by Our Lord to a nun in 1932, prophesying her in addition that there will come a time when under the revealed image would be venerated the Divine Justice and it would be given cult of love to His Victim Heart. It has been named by the Lord in the past as "Sun of Righteousness".

♦ Description of the supernatural vision that originated this devotion:

When the religious had the vision she heard the voice of the Blessed Virgin who explained it in the following terms:

«Three are the rays of Divine Justice, by reason of the Trinity of God, which while falling to the world as a terrible bolt of immense sanctity, pierce the Heart of the Word Mediator between heaven and earth, who in Victim status remains crucified in the Holy Eucharist. And this Heart, fount of sweetness, makes them its very essence to spilling over souls as beneficial rain that brings forth flowers of sacred perfume (roses, lilies and passion flowers as symbols of charity, penance and purity). And despite so much love, the world responds to Him with the largest of the ingratitude, fleeing the brilliance of his rays and the softness of his love, and increases His mystic pain shooting Him arrows of shame (sins)».

Optional prayer:

Oh Eternal Father! We are prostrate before You and we pray that You do not see our sins, but the purity of your Divine Son, nailed on the Cross for us for twenty centuries, as a Pacific Host, our Surety.
Do not punish us as we deserve, oh Our Father in Heaven!, take us with You, to all the beings you wanted to create to your own image, and do not allow the enemy to overcome the souls redeemed by the atoning Blood of Christ. Defend the Church that He came to found! Deliver us from the antichrist and his minions! Bless our most Holy Father the Pope, Vicar very beloved of your Divine Son! That come the triumph worldwide of the true Church, the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman! Oh Jesus lover of men whose love has you nailed to a Cross to be offered to the Divine Justice in rescue for us, sinful children of Eve! Oh Jesus divine and human! Beginning and End of all things, for you are God before man, the Only Son of the Heavenly Father, Son of Mary Immaculate. Oh Jesus Firstborn, head of all humans! Oh Jesus, who inhabit silent and hidden in the tabernacles as a Pacific Host! By your Holy Mother who loves us like you, and that you gave us at the foot of the cross of Calvary! Give us the grace that we can all come to You, make amends with You, offer sacrifices in penance for our sins, repent and thus pay to the Divine Majesty so insulted! We want to offer to You — we who are saying this prayer — our daily sacrifices, illnesses, sorrows and poverty, all that we can, to achieve that First and Free Sanctifying Grace the world needs now. We want, but we can't! You, Divine Jesus, send soon to us that First Grace for Conversion, and that it makes the long-awaited miracle that all be saved! That they all come to You, to the faith and practice of your holy doctrine! Help our weakness! Prevents diabolical malice! Come Jesus, come quickly and do not delay! Come as You promised! We adore you! We acknowledge you as our King and Redeemer! We believe your doctrine and want to practice it faithfully! Forgive us and teach us to ask forgiveness and to forgive! Teach us to love the cross, pain, sacrifice, and to abhor the pleasures of this world that are vanity and doom! Amen.

Advice. The cult of Divine Justice and special acts of atonement, have been approved since 1994 by several prelates. From now we abide by the final judgment of the Holy Church. Please spread this devotion. For more information contact: RR. MM. Mínimas Franciscanas del Perpetuo Socorro de María. Apartado M-2420, México 1, D.F.

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